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Pat Matthews
Hi, I'm Pat. I'm an entrepreneur turned investor. I've been starting, scaling, and investing in startups my entire career. I started Active Capital because I love investing in ambitious founders and doing my best to help them reach their potential. I've been working in SaaS and cloud infrastructure for 20+ years and believe the future is brighter than ever. If you're a pre-seed founder building products at the intersection of SaaS, cloud, & AI, please get in touch. I welcome warm intros and cold emails!


We live in Texas and invest all over the country.
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Active Capital is a venture firm focused on leading pre-seed rounds for business software and cloud infrastructure companies. We invest in ambitious founders who are building at the intersection of SaaS, cloud, and AI. We love founders who are willing to stay super scrappy until finding true product market fit. Our initial check size is typically in the $500k range and we will invest significantly more as companies grow and our relationship develops. We like to invest early and prefer to be a material part of the first $1 million raised.


Check out some of the amazing companies we've invested in.


Hear from some of the founders & CEOs we work with.
Chris Cochran
Active Capital was in our seed, and they are the most founder-centric VC we could have ever hoped to work with. For any early stage company that reads this…call Pat Matthews at Active Capital.
Founder of ProsperOps
Bethany Stachenfeld
Pat is the first person you want to share news with, good or bad. He's the perfect blend of coach, problem solver, cheerleader, and introduction machine that every founder looks for in an investor.
Founder of SendSpark
Rick Barkley
I kind of feel like I hit the VC funding jackpot. Not only was getting that initial check relatively painless, I could not have been happier to have Pat and Active Capital as our financial partners.
Founder of Cloudsnap
Rami Essad
I won't be able to say this enough to you specifically Pat but thank YOU. I genuinely appreciate all the help and trust you have given us. Please count me in as an LP in the next fund!
Founder of Finmark
Zac Mauris
I'm a huge fan of Pat and what he can bring to a company outside of purely capital. He's the type of person you want on your side, fighting the good fight. I'm now excited to be an investor in him!
Founder of Favor


We've been starting, building, and investing in software startups for 20+ years.


We met at Rackspace and have been working together ever since.


If you are a pre-seed founder building the future of SaaS, please get in touch!
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